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NE Pigments #601 Thinner for Hybrid Pigments 15ml

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Thinner for pigments.
Transparent color. 
The base is water and glycerin. 

Use this if you want a soft blur or smooth gradient.
Diluted, the pigment will not become too liquid, it will not drip or splash during work. Adjust the pigment concentration yourself. We recommend taking 2 drops of thinner for 6-7 drops of stain, usually, this is enough to work on any area. 
Do not dilute the black when working with an arrow. 

Ingredients: Aqua EC231-791-2, Glicerina EC200-289-5, Extracto de Hemamelis virginiana EC283-637-9, Alcohol isopropílico EC200-661-7, Alcohol bencílico EC 202-859-9.


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