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Supreme Permanent is renowned in the industry for its diverse range of products that include imported pigments from overseas. 

We carry the ever-popular Brovi brand pigments, along with a variety of other permanent makeup supplies, such as pigments, cartridge needles, numbing creams, practice skins, pencils, machines, etc..

Supreme Permanent was started in the middle of the COVID shutdown by Liudmyla Pacelli and Lizaveta Mosina, entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Belarus.

At first, the business model was to organize an international online permanent makeup conference, where American artists would be able to learn from foreign artists without traveling overseas. 

“At that time, this was something new, since no one else was doing conferences like that online. But COVID hit and all the major conference organizers started doing their events online, so we stood no chance.” - explains Lizaveta. 

After selling only a couple of tickets, Liudmyla and Lizaveta decided to bring a popular brand of permanent makeup pigment, Brovi Pigments, to the US. 

“We didn't expect it to take off but it did. Now we carry top quality brands from Europe, including German and Swiss, and the US”, Lizaveta concludes. “And we’re proud to bring new quality standards into the permanent makeup industry.”

Supreme Permanent


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