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FACE Face & The City Set for Lips

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The "FACE AND THE CITY" LIMITED EDITION of lip pigments introduces 5 new hybrid pigments based on organic ingredients. Inspired by the iconic TV series "Sex and the City," this set pays homage to its beloved heroines - Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie. Each shade embodies the distinct character, temperament, and appearance of these iconic figures, reflecting their self-sufficiency, independence, and freedom.

This unique collection is complemented by the "Cosmopolitan" shade, a nod to Carrie Bradshaw's favorite cocktail. Each shade in the set represents a different facet of a woman's personality, encouraging the wearer to embrace their individuality. These diverse shades are unified by a common theme: no matter the circumstance, always stay true to yourself. This collection not only offers a range of beautiful colors but also serves as a celebration of the distinct qualities that make each woman unique.

♥ Miranda - warm muted pink nude
♥ Cosmopolitan - warm deep pink shade
♥ Carrie - neutral pink-brown shade
♥ Samantha - warm pink nude
♥ Charlotte - cool brown shade

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