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Etalon Mix Lips Pigments Mini Set

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This set includes 5ml of each color below:

Etalon Mix No.1 Gentle Kiss

- is a color of children lips

- perfect for cool blondes

- can be used as a basic color

Etalon Mix No.2 Pink Caramel

- a warm pink

- a basic shade for aging cold lips

- a perfect choice for those who likes pink-caramel colors

Etalon Mix No.3 Berry Nectar

is a cool medium saturated watercolor shade

- suitable for both fair-skinned and darker contrasting girls

- it covers well the peach shades of the old tattoo

Etalon Mix No.4 Red Velvet

- a bright red watercolor shade

- it goes well with the Yellow corrector to get a scarlet color

- it can be used as a bright scarlet note in basic shades to create a brighter accent

Etalon Mix No.5 Cherry Mousse

- a beautiful cherry shade

- suitable for all types of clients

- it can be used as a stand-alone shade or as a cherry note with other shades of palettes

Etalon Mix No.6 Dusty Rose

- a pastel delicate pink with a slight lilac tint

- for natural shades of PMU

- for brighter shades, pairs well with No 4 Red Velvet, No 5 Cherry Mousse and Terracotta corrector

Etalon Mix No.7 Sweet Cinnamon

- a beige-red-brown shade for the owners of naturally light lips

- suitable for warm blondes and people with freckles

- not recommended for clients with naturally very dark purple and brown shades of lips

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