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Brovi Primer #1 Body by Sveta Schwarz

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#1 Body is the warmest shade; it has colors from peach pink to warm pink. It is used on cold lips with contouring technique, or to neutralize cold pink residues of old permanent makeup. The percentage of this shade should not exceed 30% of the client's natural lip color. 


PRIMER literally translates as BASE PAINT. 

It is designed to even out the tone of the lips that have scars, irregularities, lack of contour or too "cold" natural color. Quite often, this is enough for the client and there is no need to use decorative colors in future procedures. The lips look fresh and their color is even and natural. It is also possible to visually increase the lips volume to their own possible boundaries - in case the lips don’t have their own pigmentation along the contour.  


You should work with primers superficially, without much pressure, and preferably at a low voltage.

The recommended needle diameter is 0.25-0.30. It should be sharpened well. 

Always use diluent in the ratio: 1 drop of diluent to 2-3 drops of primer. We advise doing a maximum of 2.5 passes during the initial procedure, as it is important to understand the product and not use it as a regular pigment. 

All primers can be mixed together. For example, Body primer can be excellently warmed up with Noir, which in turn can give depth to Body or Nude.

Primers can be mixed with other lip pigments, but we recommend applying different colors in two separate procedures: apply primer during the first procedure, and decorative color during the second one.


#1 Body: Aqua, Rosin, Glycerin, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Alcohol, CI 77491, CI 21110, CI 12477, CI 12466, CI 77891, CI 74160


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