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Brovi Black Square

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Description: Fine-particle black pigment for treatment of eyelid and waterline areas. Suitable for treatment of all Fitzpatrick phototypes. Should be used in a pure form; correctors are not required. To perform waterline filling or to draw a clear eyeliner, addition of diluent is not required. The manufacturer recommends adding 1 drop of diluent per 2 drops of pigment for shading on eyelids. For shading on eyelids, Black Square combines perfectly with the Roasted Chestnuts and Bitter Chocolate. When working with two colors on the eyes, do not mix the inks together: keep them in different caps.

Color: black color for eyeliners and shading

Base: black

Color temperature: cool

Retention rate: high 80-90%

Application method: extremely light, airy, and superficial, when tightly laid, turns cool

Application of dilutor: required

Reaction to laser: pigment particles are easily fragmented and quickly removed from the skin

Reaction to remover: good contact without side effects

Volume: 15ml

Ingredients: Aqua, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, CI77266


What is the base ingredient of Brovi pigments?

The base of the regular Brovi line is hydroalcoholic. It also has glycerin (which helps a lot when working in the hair strokes technique as it has an ability to “hold” thin lines) and witch hazel extract (which is a natural antiseptic and skin toner). 

The pigments from Brovi+ line consist only of deionized water, witch hazel extract and colorants.

Organic or inorganic?

Brovi pigments are a hybrid. This means that they consist of both organic and inorganic components. It is wrong to think that organic is good and non-organic is bad, or vice versa. Organic components are produced as a result of organic synthesis, and inorganic components are natural and mineral components that are produced as a result of their processing and enrichment. Hybrid pigments are contemporary types of pigments that most of pigment companies manufacture nowadays.

Does Black Square turn blue?

If you watched the color theory class that we have on our website, then you know that any black pigment that is implanted too deep will turn blue. It’s called the Tyndall Effect. 

Make sure to implant Black Square superficially, so the black color will stay black and not turn blue over time. 

To see some of the healed results, visit #healed_pigments_brovi.

Can Brovi pigments be removed with removers?

Yes! Brovi pigments can be easily ejected from the skin using remover solutions. All colors react to removal sessions well and fade away relatively quickly.

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