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Artyst Footswitch

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Never turn your back on your client again. With the optional 360° foot switch by artyst™, you can switch the control unit on and off with just one tap of the tip of your foot. No matter where or how you hit the foot switch. Just place it on the floor. Its rubber-coated underside prevents it from slipping away.

No more manual operation! Just connect it to your artyst™ control unit with the included cable and you're ready to go.

  • 360° operation - The foot switch can be operated comfortably from all sides due to its round design.
  • Rubberized foot - Due to a special rubber coating on the underside, it is absolutely slip-proof.
  • Lightweight - Due to its low weight of just under 250g, it is also very well suited for mobile use
  • Easy installation - Simply connect to the control unit with the fixed, flexible, 2m long cable - ready


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