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Mara Pro EARTHY Lip Blush Pigment Set

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Warm HUE

Perfect brown color that will make any other color of the collection - earthy and... well, MAUVE. Have you ever had clients bringing their lipstick and call it mauve? It looks different each time!

Now you can officially please them all by creating a unique custom Mauve. How? Using any pigment from MARA Pro lip blush collection modifying it with our newest addition Choco Mauve.

Suitable for application on clients of Fitz 1-5 skin type.



Neutral TINT

Ideal dusty rose color that opens up differently in each skin tone.

Don't be fooled by its warmer appearance, it cools down in the skin. Works perfect for rosey and earthy wanted colors.

Mix with Choco Mauve, Lollipop, Raspberry, Dark Strawberry for the most beautiful "Pillow Talk" inspired results.

Suitable for application on clients of Fitz 1-5 skin type.



  • Full-pigment color that lasts
  • Smooth and balanced color formula with predictable wearability
  • Expensive looking results, so clients finally can have colors they always wanted
  • Housed in a luxurious packaging that makes its own gorgeous statement
  • This formula is: Cruelty-Free, Hybrid: includes organic and mineral components



  • By starting adding one or both of colors to other pigments from MARA Pro, in equal proportions or by a few drops.
  • By using both colors mixed together.
Pro Tips:
  • Pair Choco Mauve with: Lollipop, Raspberry, Dark Strawberry, Marshmallow & Cherry Blossom.
  • Pair Clay Baby with: Lollipop (pillow talk rose), Raspberry, Dark Strawberry, Warm Caramel, Ginger.
  • Dilute Choco Mauve with a small amount of mixing solution and apply to contour of the lips for a soft, diffused ombre look.


Set includes two pigment bottles x 15ml

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