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The BROVI+ set is ALWAYS brown brows. 

These pigments minimize the risk of unwanted healed colors. You can implant them either dense or airy. The are perfectly suited for hair strokes technique and do not require adding correctors.


Recommended voltage for most machines is 6-7.5 V


The recommended diameter of needles for hair strokes technique:

1RLLT (H): 0.25; 0.30; 0.35

The recommended diameter of needles for ombre and powder technique:

1RLMT (H): 0.25; 0.30; 0.35


The pigments are already very liquid and they need Dilutor only to control the color saturation. Please, dilute Brovi pigments with Brovi Dilutor. 



Brovi+ colors can be used as is or you can mix them in the following proportions:

Ripe Wheat+ and Gray Harbor+ (1:1) = neutral blond shade

Gray Harbor+ and Bitter Chocolate+ (1:1) = perfect brown

Roasted Chestnut+ and Freckle+ are perfect as is, they do not need to be mixed.

BROVI+ can be mixed with regular Brovi in 1:1 proportion to receive more saturated results. In this case, Brovi+ will be used as color correctors.