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Alla Romazanova - “10 Tips How To PMU Over Scars”

Online Permanent MakeUp Over Scars


          Alla Romazanova is a well known PMU Artist and a welcomed speaker at recognized PMU Conferences such as the IPC Show in Miami and CME in Cancun! She specializes in the reconstruction of areola and other complex and difficult cases such as hare lips, scars, burned, and injured skin. 

For the Online Permanent MakeUp Conference, Alla will release BONUS Video - “10 Tips How To PMU Over Scars”. Alla will explain and give you insights on how to work with scarred skin. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from an experienced artist and enhance your PMU skills. 

Join us for the Online Permanent MakeUp Conference on November 9 -15, 2020, and watch a BONUS video from Alla Romazanova “10 Tips How To PMU Over Scars”.

See you then!

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