Due to limited stock, maximum of 3 bottles of each color of Brovi pigments are allowed per order. Orders that have more than 3 bottles of each color, will be CANCELED!

What is the difference between Brovi & Brovi+ lines

All pigments from the basic Brovi brow line have Aqua, Hamamelis Virginiana Extract, Glycerin, Alcohol in their formulas. The only difference between the mixes is colorants. 

In the Brovi+ line formula, there is no alcohol and no glycerin, only deionized water, hamamelis extract, and various colorants. 

Besides differences in ingredients, in the Brovi+ line pigments have a warmer formula and color particles are much smaller than in the basic Brovi line.

The Brovi+ line pigments are more liquid than regular Brovi line, which makes them perfect for hair strokes technique and for powder brows technique when you want to achieve natural and airy results.