Due to limited stock, maximum of 3 bottles of each color of Brovi pigments are allowed per order. Orders that have more than 3 bottles of each color, will be CANCELED!

Swiss Color Pigment Performer 902 (for Microblading) 15ml Supreme Permanent

Swiss Color Pigment Performer 902 (for Microblading) 15ml

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Description:  The 901 Pigment Solution is used to dilute all Swiss Color® pigments. All Swiss Color® pigments can be perfectly modified by adding the solution to create a thinner consistency for pigmenting. The color intensity is not changed by adding the Solution! PMU stylists prefer a thinner consistency of pigments for trend techniques such as Ombré Lips, Pixel, Powder and Pearl Lips as well as for eyebrow shading techniques.

About: The color fluidity of our PMU pigments is transformed into a firmer, creamy and pasty microblading consistency as required with the Performer. Depending on skin type and technique, the pigment color can be customized. Swiss Color offers this advantage thanks to the newly developed Performer. For PMU stylists who prefer a creamy consistency for machine pigmentation, the Performer can be added in small quantities to any Swiss Color® pigment.