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Brovi Pigments

by Anna Kutsevolova

Review the color chart provided to gain a deeper understanding of Brovi pigments and how to use them.

General Recommendations for Brows & Lips

Color Chart for Brovi Brow Pigment Set for Hair Strokes Technique

General Recommendations for Brovi One Inorganic Pigments

Brovi+ Recommendations

The BROVI+ set is ALWAYS brown brows. These pigments minimize the risk of unwanted healed colors. You can implant them either dense or airy. The are perfectly suited for hair strokes technique and do not require adding correctors.

When to use Brovi correctors?

💚 Green - use it to go over light red shades of eyebrows.

💛 Yellow - add to the pigment when working with very light skin and white hairs. Also, use it over light purple eyebrows to correct the color.

🧡  Orange - use it to warm up the main pigment when working with very cool skin on brows and eyes. It is also designed to color-correct old PMU of gray and bluish-gray shades.

❤️ ️🧡  Red Orange - use it to warm up the main pigment when working with lips that turn blue when exposed to cold temperatures and this is your go-to pigment for cold-toned lips of Asian and African phototype clients.

Brovi Lips Primer Set Color Chart

Brovi Alcoholic Set Color Chart

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Brovi FAQ

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