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Swiss Color Complete Brow Pigments Set for Machine Work With FREE Pigment Solution

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This Swiss Color Complete Brow Pigments Set for Microblading includes seven top-quality brow colors and one Pigment Solution. 

The Pigment Solution is added to refine the pigment's texture and dilute them so they can be used for various Ombre, Powder & Hair Strokes techniques.

All Brow pigments are free from titanium dioxide, iron oxide, NDELA, tartrazine, PAH, alcohol, azo dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.

All colors can be used pure or mixed with each other and are available in a 10 ml size. More information about the color scale and skin type please find in our Swiss Color® color card which is included with every order.

Click here to see what pigment colors are included in the set.

201 Honey Brown

202 Olive Brown

203 Chocolate Brown

204 Hazel Brown

205 Dark Brown

206 Cocoa Brown

207 Ebony Brown

901 Pigment Solution

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