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Swiss Color Base Inorganic 108 Amarone 5ml

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Thanks to a special refinement process of the pigment particles, 108 Amarone has a dark and intense character. Compared to 107 Terra, it is stronger and cooler, resulting in dominant lip looks. When added in small amounts, it creates a soft and slightly warm mahogany tone in eyebrow colors.

Use 108 Amarone to add a subtle cool, wine-red touch to color blends.

Mixing tip 1

  • 108 Amarone (1)
  • 406 Ruby Red (1)
  • 101 White (1)

Application area: Lip
A strong, beautiful lip shade that becomes cooler and more dominant by increasing the Amarone content, and more rosy and powdery by adding more 101 White.

Mixing tip 2

  • 108 Amarone (1)
  • 403 Passion Berry (1)

Application area: Lip
The wine-red character of Amarone is softened by Passion Berry into a rather cool Burgundy rose color.

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