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Mara Pro EARTHY Lip Blush Pigment Set

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Let’s just say, when you know you know. Our newest Earthy Lip Blush Pigment Set is everything you and your clients desire in a single application: brilliantly pigmented, insanely easy to deposit, 2 seriously stunning shades. This game-changing formula is addictive by design with its intense payoff, luscious wearability, was a product of inspiration to provide you with more creativity as an artist. Adding just a few drops of this set or any of these two color to other colors of our collection, will create a huge additional diversity in possible healed colors achieved. With simple and only a few ingredients, you can safely mix colors with each other and become your own creator of shades.


Warm HUE

Perfect brown color that will make any other color of the collection - earthy and... well, MAUVE. Have you ever had clients bringing their lipstick and call it mauve? It looks different each time!

Now you can officially please them all by creating a unique custom Mauve. How? Using any pigment from MARA Pro lip blush collection modifying it with our newest addition Choco Mauve.

Suitable for application on clients of Fitz 1-5 skin type.



Neutral TINT

Ideal dusty rose color that opens up differently in each skin tone.

Don't be fooled by its warmer appearance, it cools down in the skin. Works perfect for rosey and earthy wanted colors.

Mix with Choco Mauve, Lollipop, Raspberry, Dark Strawberry for the most beautiful "Pillow Talk" inspired results.

Suitable for application on clients of Fitz 1-5 skin type.




Set includes two pigment bottles x 15ml

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