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KM Beauty Skin-Tex Dark Brown Lips Best Practice Silicone for Permanent Makeup Artists

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Say goodbye to practicing on flat latex sheets and say "hello" to working with Skin-Tex Silicone Molds! Our newest Skin-Tex Silicone Mold is seriously changing the permanent makeup game. It allows you to practice on realistic skin-like material! This experience is the most lifelike to prepare artists for work on a model or client.


  • The volume of the latex allows artists to get a feel for the shape and bounce of the lips.


  • The mold has vertical ridges, pores, and lines that mimic a set of lips to provide the reality of doing a lip procedure.


  • The molds vary in skin tone! The Skin-Tex Lip Silicone Molds are GREAT when testing your color theory on different undertones!

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