Due to limited stock, maximum of 3 bottles of each color of Brovi pigments are allowed per order. Orders that have more than 3 bottles of each color, will be CANCELED!

Color Chart for Hair Strokes Pigments Line By Brovi Pigments

As you may already know, Anna Kutsevolova, creator of Brovi pigments, is famous for her outstanding knowledge of hair strokes technique. 

She teaches classes in person and online, and speaks at PMU conferences all over the world.

In 2021, Anna will be teaching mens hair stroke patterns at The PMU Conference.  Since many artists already placed pre-orders for hair strokes pigment line, we wanted to make sure, that the pigments information is up to date and available.

Below is a chart that explains how to use Flat White, Cinnamon Sticks and Pepsi Cola pigments according to the Fitzpatrick phototype scale. 

Please, note that even though the above colors were created to be used for hair strokes technique, they also work great for powder brows. Just make sure to control color saturation by adding 1-2 drops of dilutor per every 8-9 drops of pigment accordingly.


Brovi hair Stroke Pigments Line by Anna Kutsevolova