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Online Permanent MakeUp Conference

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          Online Permanent MakeUp conference is the Online Conference for PMU beginners and professionals that you attend from the comfort of your own home! It is 7 days long and consists of 6 Daily Live Webinars that are presented by Eastern European professionals. It is not a secret that Eastern European PMU masters are advanced in their skills and every PMU artist in America is eager to learn from them. 

          Our world is changing and offline conferences are not always possible to attend if you are a busy professional or if you are just starting and can't afford the travel, accommodations and conference pass. The Online Permanent MakeUp Conference is your opportunity to learn new techniques taught by leading masters in the industry from the comfort of your home. Live demonstrations allow you to follow the process in real-time and during the Q/A session the masters answer all the questions you may have.

          The value you receive at the Online Permanent MakeUp Conference is priceless. You get 6 two to three hours Live Webinars for the half price of one advanced in-person masterclass. The PMU industry is highly dynamic and competitive. It takes more than just learning the basics, you have to constantly develop and improve your skills and techniques. The Online Permanent MakeUp Conference is your chance to learn and advance yourself as a master!


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