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Reverence pigments are pure inorganic iron oxides which have a much larger molecular structure and require a certain level of skill to properly inflict into the skin. In comparison to the widely used "organic" and carbon based pigments that have a tiny molecular structure, and are quite easy to inflict into the skin, using Reverence pigments may take some getting used to.

The plus side of using Reverence is that you will not experience healed results that immediately lose their warmth and turn 50 shades of gray, or unwanted reds. However, you must use Reverence pigments correctly to achieve the best healed results.

Color Selection

1. Knowing how to choose the proper pigment color for your client is crucial in order for the pigment to be visible under epidermis. The pigment selection should closely match your clients eyebrow hair color, and if microblading, choose a slightly darker pigment. Additionally, the undertone of the pigment should compliment your clients undertone. Fully saturate the brow with pigment and mask for 10 to 15 minutes as you are completing the procedure. Use your pigment applicator wand to push the pigment gently into the skin. When the pigment starts to dry, go over the brow again with the pigment applicator wand.


2. To know when you're implanting the pigment into the upper papillary dermal layer is also a key component to beautiful healed results. Unlike "organic" and carbon based pigments, if iron oxides aren't implanted into the upper papillary dermal layer, they wont even show up temporarily. "Spot bleeding" isn't always an indicator that you are in the "target zone" or doing something wrong. Some people have capillaries that are closer to the surface of skin than others.


3. Stretch the skin extremely taut to maximize the needle going precisely where you intend. There should be no vibration on the skin from your machine.


4. When using a professional high quality machineslowly and deliberately make your sweeping motions inflicting the pigment in the direction of the natural hair growth pattern, pendulum strokes, whipping towards, or whipping away from you.

Perfecting Session

5. Depending on your professional experience, the clients skin type, the technique used, tool, and color choice may require a full second touch-up for desired results.