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Vaseline For Easy Pigment Removing by Brovi Supreme Permanent

Vaseline For Easy Pigment Removing by Brovi

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Vaseline by Brovi pigments perfectly removes all the ink residue from the skin in one pass without leaving a messy trail and minimizing the skin trauma. 

It is also, works great on fake skin. Your practice pad work will look clean and flawless.

How to use:

1. Open one pouch and put some Vaseline by Brovi into a separate cup.

2. Put a moderate amount of

Vaseline by Brovi on a wet cotton disc. One pouch contains 0.33oz of cream, which is more than enough for one procedure. Use as much 

Vaseline by Brovi as you can to ensure smooth sliding.

3. Press the disc against the skin or silicone practice pad and wipe off excess ink.

 Size: 1 pouch / 0.33 oz / 10ml

Ingredients: White Petrolatum, Propylheptyl Caprylate, Vitamin D, Vitamin Е