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Reverence Chosen Warm

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Description: Light brown. There is more warmth in this shade. Best used on olive skin but can be used on most skin tones.

Color base: Warm

Volume: 15ml

Ingredients: Iron Oxides, Titanium Oxide, Ethyl Alcohol, Distilled Water, Glycerin.


1. Made with EU guidelines and approved for worldwide use
2. Gamma radiation performed at the powder level
3. Made and bottled in the USA
4. Can be used for both manual Microblade hand tools and machine devices
5. Do NOT mix Reverence pigments with any other brand
6. You may go over pre-existing healed work from other pigment brands with Reverence pigments
7. Inorganic iron oxides have a larger molecular structure than organic pigments. You may experience a learning curve getting accustomed to using this pigment, they require skill to properly inflict into the skin
8. Separation is normal, pigments are insoluble. Simply shake well before use
9. FeO. Inorganic iron oxides are historically renowned throughout the world for their stability, reliability, and non toxic nature. These pigment will not shift

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