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DEFENDERR 25/01 RLLT PMU Cartridges

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Round Liner Long Taper

  • Patented needle stabilizing technology «Z – Systems, Long bar fixing lock» provides ideally smooth operation and lets the user highlight the finest details.
  • Patented system «Ink Flow Cup» is a guarantee of quick drawing up the ink and equal pigment feeding without splashing.
  • Simplified membrane for preventing ink from getting into the machine and for better needle return.
  • Japanese stainless steel AISI 315L (medical grade).
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide.

HLT - Half Long taper 5.5 mm

Package: 20 cartridges.

Cartridges from Defenderr are compatible with tattoo machines that accept standard twist-to-fit cartridges, including Cheyenne, FK Irons (Spektra Xion, Bellar, etc), Bishop, Solo, Rook, Equaliser, Scalpa, Mast, Dragonhawk, and many more.

If you not sure if Defenderr cartridge will work with your pmu machine, please direct message us on Instagram or send us an email at

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